Model overview

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is a practical and innovative tool to achieve effective communication with others. It provides deeper understanding of relational dynamics, including keys to motivation, stress management and conflict resolution.

People who are trained in the Process Communication Model® find it extremely useful to manage a variety of everyday situations both professional and personal. So can you.

Managing Relationships

The Process Communication Model® takes into account the unique characteristics of each individuals in order to achieve successful cooperation. It provides a reliable and statistically validated method of identifying and understanding personality differences.

It teaches skills to manage the resulting behaviors (both positive and unproductive ones linked to the various personality profiles).

Origin of PCM

Dr. Taibi Kahler, a clinical psychologist, discovered how to identify and respond appropriately second by second' to patterns of productive behaviour (successful communication) and non-productive behaviour (miscommunication).

Personality structure

Individual personalities are complex. PCM offers a comprehensive approach to help in identifying personality differences and thus in adapting to them for effective interaction. The differences are based on observable and measurable behavioral clues.

The metaphor chosen to represent a given personality is that of a 6 floor building or (as it is called in the US) a 6 floor condominium. The model talks about a person's personality structure as an unique combination of 6 different sets of identifiable behaviours.

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